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Upside down poetry and mathematics

Upside down poetry as a performance means performing poetry standing/hanging upside down. This performance act highlights the idea of radically changing ones perspective to observe the world in an opposite way than usual.
It is connected with poetry because of primary goal of poetry as an art – to make you think about things you never thought of, to make you see ordinary things in a way you never could before, to tackle taboo themes with it’s metaphors. No wonder poetry was one of the greatest weapons for waking revolutions through history.

Read those books which can change your perspective upside down!

Mathematics teaches us that we often need to see things quite the opposite of what we are used to, in order to perceive the mathematical truth. For example, how do we know that -(-1)=1 ? The answer is not that obvious. It comes from the idea that in the world of whole and real numbers (both of them containing numbers 1 and -1) every number has his unique inverse number for addition, meaning 1+(-1)=0. So, we can easily see that inverse for addition can be made by adding a minus in front of a number. Therefore, we have a statement that says that inverse for -1 would be -(-1). That means that -1+(-(-1))=0. Let’s see what we have got :

1 + (-1) = 0

-1 + (-(-1)) = 0

But if we take a closer look, we’ll see that the first equation says that 1 is inverse for -1, as much as -1 is inverse for 1. So if we have that both 1 and -(-1) are inverses for -1, and we said that the rule is that inverse for addition is unique for every number, we establish the following:

1 = -(-1)


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