travel, true story

Cliffs made of dreams

In the end, we are all looking for our own peace of mind.

There is a special place in your mind, where your ego stops and you stop wanting for anything other than the air you’re breathing, the sound of wind and the sunlight. And sometimes, it is the nature around you that helps you reach your inside self and make peace with the person you are there.
2.5 kilometers long walk on West Bay near Bridport (Dorset), inspired me to put my brain on stand by and let myself get lost in feelings and impressions. Listening to the sound of waves, admiring beautiful lands filled with peaceful cows and sheep, enjoying the view of the sea that seems endless…
And there I was again, surrounded with creative people, learning to appreciate life and it’s amazing opportunities, overwhelmed by feeling of pure happiness and joy. There are two amazing weeks ahead of me, filled with performances, cooperative work, new friendships and valuable experiences – and here is me, getting ready to step into this adventure and dance.
This short impression is being written during the second day of The Complete Freedom Of Truth youth exchange, where four artists from Serbia are being welcomed to Bridport to participate “b-side” and “inside-out” Dorset festivals. It is being written in our hosts home, friendly and inspiring environment, with my colleagues working in the same space. We are all excited and ready to get out materials together and share our work with you šŸ™‚

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