2017/2018 founding of Inspiring Change in Belgrade, and project management
2011 – 2017 founding and management of a civil society organization Kulturno Mentalna Revolucija in Zaječar
2017 youth delegate at ENCGK International Model UN, Morocco
2016 youth delegate at European Youth Event, CoE, Strasbourg
2016 youth leader within The Complete Freedom of Truth project
2015 youth delegate at World Forum for Democracy, CoE, Strasbourg
Work experience

– Freelance writer of design-related and sponsored articles for ColourLovers.com since 2018
– Web administrator and project coordinator for Teatar Mimart since 2016
– Web creator and administrator for http://www.changeinspiring.com; http://www.setsf2018.wordpress.com; http://www.inspiringchange.mn.co; http://www.ninapetrov.wordpress.com
Workshops and lectures facilitated

– Lecture on leadership at University of Skoplje, 2018
– Art and Activism lecture (promotion of Inspiring Change) at Congress of Young Europeans, Prague, 2018
– Project management workshop at Inspiring Change art residency, Belgrade, 2018
– Art and Social Responsibility lecture at EMAG (European Mensas Annual Gathering), Belgrade, 2018
– Creative Activism workshop, Zaječar, 2018
– Social Entrepreneurship workshop, Serbia