Top 5 Designer Apps That Make Your Life Easier

Every designer has a set of tools which combined make our work amazing. Although, every once in a while, we have to dive into a quest for a refreshing palette, or a sexy font for our new design. We present you five designer apps which will make you happy to use them from day one.

1. Behance (

If you are a designer and you still don’t have Behance – download it. Many apps have developed, but this one continues to be number one for presenting your work. Behance is the leading online platform where you can upload your work and discover other creatives on the network. It is a portfolio you can have on your phone and online at all times. Also, the community of Behance, artists worldwide, is quite interactive and supportive. It’s kinda like Facebook for visual art and design – it’s an absolute must have.

2. Pantone studio (

The developer, Pantone company has proven their quality and dedication to help designers worldwide. This is their app that enables you to find, capture and save your color selection and palettes via this digital workspace anytime. Pantone Studio is handy for extracting hues from photos and generating color palettes which go well with your color. You can either share your palettes or pass them on directly to your design software.

3. Fontface ninja (

This super cool tool is an extension for your browser, that you can use to spot the fonts you like when surfing the internet. It instantly detects the font from the page you’re browsing, making it easier than ever to find the right font. You can either bookmark your favorites, or buy them straight from Fontface Dojo, their own library of fonts. How cool is that?

4. Canva (

Designers usually get very comfortable and used to their set of software, apps and tools, but every once in awhile you need a quick solution or your program just decides to be unresponsive all over the sudden. Canva is a life saver for these scenarios! It is online, available for all, with large library of layouts, perfect for social media content and quick mind blowing designs. Canva is a unique online designer program that enables you to easily create your design, whether by using their templates or creating on your own. This is also a platform for a large community of designers, which can be useful for exploring other designers work online.

5. Paletton (

Paletton is a new trending app which makes every designer happy to have it. It is a software that implements the rules of color theory, helping you choose a balanced and harmonious color palette. It is designed to be explored by the user, so without many spoiler alerts, we will just share their feature Colorizer – the tool you integrate in the website you’re designing to refine the color palette on your pages. Within this project, they also started Colorpedia, a database where you can discover all about color theories and the use of colors overall. Explore their amazing features today!

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